EPIC Investment Management




What Makes Epic Different

¤ Epic is a seasoned, dedicated, professional investment manager, with the education and experience few investment boutiques can match -- and is unaffiliated with any brokers, financial planners, or investment banks

¤ Epic aligns its own investment interests with those of its clients

¤ Epic Maintains three client-focused goals:
Seeks to provide clients the long-term growth of capital they desire
Seeks to provide clients with manageable levels of risk, within the context of equity markets
Seeks to provide clients with superior service/ close professional relationships/ ongoing communication

What Epic Does

¤ Offers dedicated investment management services to individuals and high net worth individuals

¤ Offers independent fee-based investment management with no sales/ underwriting/ investment banking ties and no performance fees

¤ Builds separately-managed portfolios: blended portfolios including equities, fixed income, and other assets

¤ Utilizes a mix of individual securities, exchange-traded-funds, and mutual funds to build diversified portfolios representing our best investment ideas, while maintaining diversification across asset classes and security selection

¤ Typically maintains an equity focus, reflecting the long-term outperformance of equities over other asset classes

¤ Maintains ongoing communication and service to all clients

Who Is Epic

¤ Registered investment advisory firm, established in 2010 and based in Boulder, Colorado

¤ Limited Liability Company whose single member is a 33-year veteran of the investment management industry, a member of CFA Institute since 1984, and earned the Chartered Financial Analyst designation in 1986

¤ Independent, dedicated investment professional, offering active management, proven approach and client focus to individuals and high net worth individuals

Epic Investment Management was created to provide active investment management -- with an overall preference for equities -- to individuals and high net worth individuals. The firm began in Saint Petersburg, Florida in 2010 and moved to Boulder, Colorado in late 2012. A founding principle is that clientsí desires include: direct access to their investment manager and key decision maker; transparency of all investment activity; separate accounts, with no pooling of assets; written and verbal communication; and exposure to equity markets. For clients whose primary needs are preservation of capital and current income, Epic is not a good fit.

Epicís sole employee, President and Chief Investment Officer, John Carlson, CFA, is a 33-year veteran of the investment management industry. John is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin -- Madison, where he earned both Bachelor of Business Administration and Master of Business Administration degrees, with majors in Finance. He has been a member of the CFA Institute and its predecessors since 1984, and earned the Chartered Financial Analyst designation in 1986.

Johnís background includes a long tenure at Eagle Asset Management and its successor firm, Liberty Investment Management of Tampa, Florida, a multi-billion-dollar equity manager, where he served as Senior Vice President, Portfolio Manager and Research Analyst, and Chairman of the Investment Committee. During his tenure, the firmís assets under management grew from $200 million to over $6 billion, and the firm was recognized nationally by plan sponsors and consultants as a leading equity money manager

Subsequently, John was Executive Vice President and Chief Investment Officer at Biscayne Advisors of Miami, Florida, where he led a small investment team managing $400 million for institutions and high net worth individuals. Performance results placed the firm within the top five percent of Large Cap Equity managers over a multi-year timeframe, as reported by PSN Informa. These results were produced with risk measures generally at or below market levels, indicating a high degree of alpha. The firm was also recognized by Nelson Information, which placed investment results in its Top 40 Money Managers List, again indicative of top five percent performance within its peer group.

Immediately prior to founding Epic, John served as head of investment research at DWM, a small investment advisor based in Saint Petersburg, Florida. Results for its select list of mid-cap and large-cap equities were consistently strong, with three-year performance well in excess of the Russell 1000 index, its most appropriate benchmark.

email: Info@EpicInvest.us